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Alan, thank you for the great job that your company is doing for ours. We have been able to stream line our packaging disinfection and output due to the use of your services.Our indirect and direct costs have been greatly trimmed allowing us to be able to better service and fulfill our customers needs. Since the implementation of UV-C techniques we have had no reported incidents of infection to our clients livestock. Thank you again we look forward to a long and fruitful business relationship with your company.
Animal Reproduction
Thank you for your quick work and prompt reply on cleaning our cheer mats. We know that is was a monumental job cleaning our cloth cheer mats. You folks cleaned them and turned around the process for us in one weekend. It did not interfere with any classes or practices. It was also kept within our school budget. Thank you
Chino Hills High School-Athletic Director
We had encountered a massive outbreak of flu in our facility. Due to the the immediate response to disinfect our public areas eliminated our flu incidents in less than a week.We really appreciate the great service and affordability of your greatly needed service.
Fullerton Gardens

It has been approximately one year since we implemented the UV-C disinfection systems into our healthcare facilities. We have found great success with the technology, not only from a clinical disinfection perspective, but have received positive feedback from our employees, and also have utilized the technology in marketing campaigns.

Within just a few months of implementing the technology into our regular daily disinfection processes, we have observed a decrease in our infection rate by as much as approximately 40%. This includes reduction in all pathogens, but the most difficult to eradicate are C. Difficile and MRSA, which have become almost nonexistent. Even cold and flu season was much more manageable. We have not changed anything in our disinfection protocol other than the integration of UV-C technology; therefore, we can attribute the decrease in infections to the portable unit. Additionally, we have observed that utilizing the technology as part of a regular routine does not add to room turn over time. Since the unit can operate remotely, and has repetitive onboard safety systems, the operator can prepare the next room for disinfection while the unit is working on the previous room. Also, we have actually observed a decrease in cleaning chemicals post implementation, which fits nicely into our GREEN initiatives.

Additionally, we have used the technology in various marketing campaigns in the community, as well as referring doctors. The community views this as truly going above and beyond to provide a safer, healthier environment for our residents. It truly has set us apart from competing facilities. In a market where we are competing daily for residents, this is a tool that truly distinguishes us from other facilities. Consumers are very educated and savvy. In order to maintain our market share, we routinely review opportunities to improve quality and provide better service.

Lastly, we feel there is a significant decrease in employee absenteeism. Not only do employees feel that we are providing the best environment for residents, but also a safer, healthier environment for them to work and less of a chance to bring pathogens into their own home. A decrease in pathogens in the air and on surfaces quickly correlates into a decrease in sick days.

L. Rene Goux, Executive Vice President, CommCare Corporation