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Food Transport

Food Transport
Food Transport

There is always a risk of surface contamination when transporting food. Industry practices have been implemented to reduce the occurrence of contamination but those practices can cause other issues and are unable to reach all of the crevices and areas bacteria can live and hide.

Unfortunately excessive washing of trailers results in damage including corrosion of interior parts. It can also be counterproductive by introducing excessive moisture into environments and on materials that are designed to be kept dry. UV sterilization is the best solution on the market today. Ultra Violet Technologies can dramatically reduce the possibilities of contamination and provide a safer cleaner environment that is 99.99 bacteria free.


  • Dramatically improve sanitation quality destroying contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, mold and chemicals which may result in surface contamination.
  • Surface sterilization of crevices and the areas that are untouched by the general wash out
  • Kills 99.99%  of viruses and pathogens
  • No toxic waste
  • Reduce cost and save time
  • A “Green” Technology