Services start as low as $150
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Why Ultra Violet Technologies?

Infection Control - Mobile on-site UV-C Sterilization - Services start as low as $150

A non-toxic, convenient and highly reliable solution for the elimination of airborne and surface bacteria micro-organisms.

Ultra Violet Technologies is the leading manufacturer in ultraviolet object and room purification holding a range of domestic patents, helping a variety of industries and markets across the United States through the use of products and solutions for virtually any object or room purification issue.

99.99% Effective - Same application that is used in hospitals

  • Destroys up to 99.99% of biological contaminants. Such as virus mold spores, bacteria, flu, ebola, entro virus, and many more
  • Stop airborne infections and airborne microorganisms
  • Oxidize chemical contaminants including, volatile organic compounds. Chemicals from cleaning, paints, carpet, furnishing and more

99.99% guaranteed disinfection of all high-touch and low touch surfaces. Our patented technology ensures that an effective UV dose is delivered to the targeted room and surfaces killing 99.99% of all pathogens.

Results supported by multiple independent per reviewed studies conducted by leading authorities in infection prevention.